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Mothers Day Ideas│The Make Pack - Biscotti

Mothers Day shall soon be upon us and with less than 13 days until the day, you are probably wondering what on earth do you buy the woman who basically has everything they need, and though they are probably expecting a gift they always answer with 'I don't need anything' or 'your my baby I should buy you things' Its not the best when your stressing over what exactly you should get them.
Well I have teamed up with a company called 'The Make Pack' who have an excellent range of bake it yourself packages which your mum is sure to love.

Today Romy and I sat down whist my mum was out in the shops to make her some 'Biscotti' using the pack which we kindly received this morning. Of corse Buddy wanted to be apart from the action, he refused to leave until we had finished baking.
Lets get started, so all you will need are two medium (free range please) eggs, and then just regular kitchen equipment! You will also need to pre heat your oven up to 180 degrees / Gas mark 4

And also line you're baking tray with the grease proof paper which is provided with the kit.
Since everything is already weighed out, these steps are all so easy to do so grab a bowl, Flour, Sugar,  Baking Powder and Salt and sift all of these into your bowl! Does anyone else love seeing freshly sifted flour? Its like a mountain of clouds I honestly hate ruining it with the spoon, weird fetish aside once you have them all into the bowl you can give it just a once over to combined them together before the next step.

Before we add the next ingredients to the bowl you need too grab your bag of pistachios nuts and just chop them slightly so they aren't to much to chew in the biscotti... if you get what I'm getting at! I prefer them chopped up but if you want to leave them whole be my guest. Once these are at your desired chew level? Put them in your bowl along with your dry ingredients. 

With you two eggs, take your first in your bowl give it a beat and add in the vanilla essence. You now can put that into the dry ingredients and give it a bit of a mix around. Now with your second egg your going to want to beat this also but instead your only going to want to add half, give this a mix then were getting all hands with this next step so give them a clean and start kneading this mixture until it is a firm dough, if you need to add more of the left over egg - thats what it is there for if not then your ready for the next step. 

Oven time! Biscotti, actually stands for twice baked. Yep the clue is in the name this dough is going to need to be baked twice! First thing is to place that kneaded dough onto you're baking sheet you can have it in any shape but keep it around 3cm in height, place this on to the middle shelf of your oven for 30-45 minutes until it is golden brown. It will expand a little but not by to much. 

I left mine on the counter for around 5 minutes to make sure it was cool enough to handle, when I did take it off the sheet we had a small break in the bottom of the giant Biscotti but not to worry it made no difference to the end product. Once it was cool we placed it on to a cutting board and cut it into quite thick slices its completely up to you the beauty in making your own products is you can make it how you or how the person your giving it to will like it, and I know my mums a fan of thick biscuits ..... to cut the Biscotti your best bet it to use a larger knife but not a bread knife and use a sawing action to minimise crumbing. Turn your oven down to 150 degrees before placing your slices back in,  there is no need to worry about them spreading around your basically just drying them out now. Give them about 15-20 minutes in the oven before taking them out and placing them on to a cooling rack. Whist they are cooling you can prepare the small bag of dark chocolate drops by placing the sealed bag inside a pan of boiling water caution whist handling the bag once it is out of the water as to not burn yourself! Use your fingers to make sure all lumps of chocolate have been melted. 

You can drizzle the chocolate over these bad lads or just leave them as they are, if you do add the chocolate give them 15 minutes in the fridge just to ensure that they have set completely. So there is your easy to make, but will go down a treat mothers day gift I put mine into the little gift bag which is  an extra you can buy from the site but make all the difference when gifting this to someone. And your done, this was so fun to make with my sister I know my mum with absolutely adore these next week (we know cause we tried a sneaky one and they were to die for, especially with a cup of coffee). 
Do you know what your getting your Mum for Mothers Day? if the answer is no then why not make her one of these delicious treats yourself? Since myself and 'The Make Pack' collaborated to create this Mothers Day post they have given me a special 25% off for all my wonderful readers!! Amazing right, just use the Promo Code 'ELLIEKATE' at the checkout for this sweet deal. Biscotti not for you, then why not check out a bunch of there other great kits, I think Romy has ran upstairs to try get some of there Marshmallow making kits since she cannot live without them! I have left the link to the website below for you to check out. 
Until then, what did you think of this post? Any other post requests, don't be afraid to ask. I love a good suggestion. Until next time guys have a great week! 
Ellie xo

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