Thursday, 29 January 2015

Take A Walk │Winter Wear

We all have our own fair share of stress!
Everyone has their own personal way of fighting that sinking feeling. Mine happens to be exercise, which is actually rather common than some other methods out there. Some people Read, Sing, Reevaluate, Run, Draw there are a list of things which can help you clean out your mind and move on with your day. If I have learnt anything from stressing over the little things in life its that you have got to pick yourself up and just move on other wise your just going to continue digging a hole for yourself. It can take a while to find out what your own stress revealing cure is, trust me if I knew how to run whist I was 13 I would have encountered far less drama than I needed back then. 
So for this month I have been trying to refocus my mind to banish the multiple panic attacks I experienced over the christmas season, because when I took a breather to look at it I was having one every few hours. 
This month has been a needless to say a tad dramatic I have had Project Deadlines, Work, Collage, UCAS, Portfolio work, Planning the year ahead and even family stuff. Not pleasant at all.
No worry to all that though I am handling it all well, I have had moments where I have been close to dropping it all with a to close for my liking 'Mid-Teen Crisis' JUST KEEP GOING. 
So with my micro rant of advice other with... this is what Jess and myself got up to this weekend, I nice walk its sometimes just whats needed and after the week I had had it seriously was. 
Its cold up here in the North so I wanted to go with an outfit that kept me equally warm and comfy to walk in. 
Tops from M&S thermal vest; £15,
Topshop £34, Jacket from SuperDry; £124,
Yoga Pants (Were my Mums from the 90s),
Shoes from Timberland; £110
Bag(NotShown) Fjallraven Kanken mini; £30
It was a lovely day for a winter chilly walk as there wasn't much wind, Cold but fresh! We have a route from the back of my house that leads right in parallel to the coast on the horizon. You only have to walk 20 minutes down this track and your out of all civilisation, to what feels like complete country side. I have had moments that I could have convinced myself I was stood in the middle of the Lake District. To sum up our walk we ended up walking over the fields inland to a small pub called the Beehive for an impromptu Coffee sit down. On our way Jess came across a Horse shoe which with all the luck I need at the moment have brought home which may or may not be in a DIY sometime in the near future. If you live near Newcastle this Pubs worth the visit its just outside of Seaton Delaval, we normally sit out side with the goats in the summer but this time we walked into the Dog friendly restaurant for a nice chill. On this occasion we didn't have anything but I recommend the house chips there fluffy heaven. After an hour sit we began our venture back across the fields back to the tracks. All the photos I have placed below but we managed to get quite a few shots in a small woodland area, which turned out a lot better than I expected to. The last thing which is rather a funny event was on the way back over one of the fields what we failed to realise before is that there were horses (They must have been over the other side on the route to the pub) that were over our path. I carried on walking I have never until now had bother with them so walking past seemed like an easy task. Jess was still back near the fence taking some photos as a walked closer to the gate out, as one of the horses just glanced over to me and started full pelt charging at me. I ran towards Jess screaming at her to get back over the fence lucky we got out well before he could get any closer to us. Well I had to have one eventful moment that day. 
Hope you enjoyed our little travelling day, let me know what helps you relax from all of your day to day stresses. Keep positive thinking 
Enjoy the photos. xo
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