Monday, 16 July 2018

Revolucion De Cuba | Newcastle Blogger Event | ELLEKATE

Happy Monday Everyone,

Hope that you have all been having a brilliant week, Up in Newcastle, the sun has been shinning for the past two weeks and I have been living for it! Today, I have a review from a restaurant event myself and Dan went to on Sunday just gone and I have nothing but praise for the experience which we had.

If you are a local to Newcastle and remember a little well-known bar called Destiny... well you're going to be in shock (a GOOD one) over how much it has been changed by the new owners. Revolucion De Cuba recently opened its doors as a tapas/restaurant and late night bar, if you know me, you know your girl loves a nice late chill bar. On Sunday, we got invited along to the blogger event so after reading up so much about it I couldn't wait to go, bringing Dan along for his first ever event.

We began sitting in the restaurant area, listing to some live Latin music and drinking pineapple daiquiri at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. Not the worst way to spend the day. Afterward, we met with Chloe the wonderful lady behind planning the whole event and she gave us a full tour of the place. Including the downstairs which would be ideal for catching up with friends any time of the year, fun fact, this area was where destiny was back in the day and you can still see how it all use to fit together minus the sticky carpets.

Following seeing the downstairs area we went back upstairs to the very top floor, which happens to be a rooftop bar looking over the city. DREAM. Up here we got the full-on five-star treatment, no joke. We were greeted with yet more cocktails and a nice chill whilst we waited for them to set up the bar area, once they were ready we got a cocktail class, beating each other at making mojitos and getting to make a drink of our own choice. At this point, I swear I was already seeing stars haha.

After our mini cocktail making session we returned back to our little sitting area for a nice relax in the sunshine with our own made creations. Before we knew it a whole host of food was spread across the table for us to all enjoy, despite the lack of vegetarian options, the ones we did have which were a mushroom dish as far as I recall which I will try and find the name of, was absolutely sublime! Dan also mentioned that if you aren’t a vegetarian and love a bit of chicken that the curry was not to go amiss without trying!

If we didn’t think all of this luxury was enough for one afternoon, they brought us all a “small” gift before departing... a big ass bottle of Bacardi in a wooden box full of things we can use to create our own old-fashioned cocktails at home. Like if that’s a small... then I’m SHOOK!

We left and I haven’t stopped praising the place to everyone since and we plan on returning very soon!

Have you been to try out Revolucion De Cuba? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below, prepare for far too many photos...

Elle xx


Thursday, 21 June 2018

Great Exhibition of the North | #GetNorth2018 | ELLEKATE

Happy Thursday!

Today, let's talk about the beginning of the Great Exhibition of the North which officially starts tomorrow - Yippee! So, if you haven't heard about what the event is all about, well it's a 90-day festival which will begin on Friday (22nd June) coming to an end on the 9th September. Government funded, cities from all around the North of England placed their bids to be the host city. But Newcastle and Gateshead were victorious!

Various events shall be taking place throughout the time of the festival, including a huge 'Angel of the North Fountain' being placed in front of the Sage music hall. For the event, there will be three starting points, Sage Gateshead, Great North Museum and the Baltic, which is where we headed to the other afternoon.

You may be thinking ... eh, the festival hasn't even started yet. Well, being right on the doorstep from Dan's flat, we thought it would be nice to go and get a sneak peak over what has already been set up before its even began. Every Tuesday, the gallery has its change over days when there's a new expo coming to town, and outside of the Baltic was a buzz of workmen and women getting ready for the kick-off date on Friday. Even inside of the gallery seems to have a bit of a facelift, having a whole new refurbishment to the store and TV screens being placed along the main walkway.

All of the other rooms were closed off to the public whilst they got everything ready, however, the top and bottom rooms were ready for the public and that's where we decided to head. Upon the top floor (the biggest space in the gallery) has a sense of pride, mixing culture and history of the Northeast, with our future. A big dome in the centre of the room made entirely out of triangles, triangles made from fabrics, metals, plastics all created right here on our doorstep. Blown up images across the walls taken from the nightlife of the past was another important feature which grabbed our attention. As much as I would love to go into depth about what each section was about, that my friends were just a little taste test, you'll have to visit yourselves to see what the room was all about.

Personally, I cannot WAIT for this event to start, I am proud to be from the North East and everything that the region has to hold. I will be talking about all the events I get chance to visit, and even the trails made from the host sites. So stay tuned for all of that.

Enjoy some of the pictures from the Baltic, just one question for you all today, whos planning on going to the festival?

Elle Kate X

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Life with Anxiety | Mental Health | ELLEKATE

A month ago I went to post this, for some reason I decided not to for the simple fact that I was scared... I shouldn't have to be scared because I know now more than ever I am not the only one. So here we go.

Something a lot of you will have probably heard a million time before.

But for a short few, they will never know what it feels like to experience a panic attack, or living with anxiety. I secretly envy that.

At the beginning of this year, I posted a post how for the last year my anxiety had never been worse, and I put it out there thinking it would be a fresh start and a new beginning. In so many ways, it truly has been. But, sadly, my anxiety still strives to destroy what I love doing the most again.

In all honesty, I have no idea why I am writing this. I just kinda wanted to be another voice that if you are going through a rough time, or even struggling with your own mental health issues that you shouldn't keep quiet about those sorts of things. I learnt a long time ago, that what comes with keeping those demons to yourself, just leads you onto a darker path.

Something I have been doing myself.

Then I broke my phone last night and it just all came pouring out.

I've been pushing myself a lot lately with the pressures of posting content and 'an ideal' image of myself out to the world as it seems at this moment in time. But, in reality, I feel far from it. Mainly, this strives for my university finals, I have never believed in myself becoming much of myself with education especially. At school, I would often just leave or lose all concentration in classes due to being bullied. I struggled to let go of that until about a year ago when I really felt as I almost had closure on that whole ball of crap. I'd hope that I had. Yet, I am still left with this constant sinking business which obviously shows ill probably never truly see the end to that.

I am ok, right at this moment, I am having a bit of a time dealing with the stress of overthinking my life and where it is at or where I am going. This doesn't help my constant overthinking brain.

But that's ok.

It's alright to be not ok at some point in your life. If its just for a couple hours, or a week, or a month, heck you could have a shit year. But standing up and telling yourself, I am going to fight this. Just proves that you're a hell of a lot stronger than you think you are.

Mental health conversations, though they have begun to be more widely shared and opened into the world, are still something people would rather keep quiet about. That, that's not ok. This is me beginning my conversation. Hi, I am Elle, for the past six years, I have suffered from Anxiety, Depression and Bulimia. But, I am only here today because I opened my voice and fought back. If you are out there and keeping your voice shut, then stop. Speak to someone, anyone, my message board is always open.


Love you all,

Elle-Kate X

Friday, 27 April 2018

Floral Love | Spring Style | ELLEKATE

As requested, back today with another style post for you all!

We all are officially ready for the summer following the past few days of total sunshine, sweaters and boots are back in the cupboard (for at least a couple days) and t-shirts and skirts are well and truly out and about. Its fair to say there are a couple of rather unusual trends which have been showing up at the moment, but my favourite has to be this modern romance. Full of florals, lighter colours and adding your own personal flair to the look. I think the best way to represent this trend would be bold statement pieces or wearing a t-shirt paired with a nice maxi dress. However, I adore the latest addition to my wardrobe too much not to write a post including it.

Last week for my 21st Birthday, I paired up this floral tie at the waist skirt, peach tone crop hoodie with a leather jacket and black platform converse. Now that would be a mouthful if there ever was one.

Speaking of my birthday, thank you all for the kind messages that I received on here and also via my Instagram page I was feeling especially loved considering I am now officially an adult - ewe. But that's fine, I hit up the town wearing this wonderful light-hearted outfit for a couple of cocktails for a nice day full of celebrations with my family.

As always for these kinds of posts, I have left all links to where you can recreate this outfit for yourself below, So a big thank you for reading and ill see you all next time.

Elle-Kate x

(Jacket was bought over 6 years ago from Superdry)

Friday, 20 April 2018

Disney Planning | Disney Series | ELLEKATE

Happy Friday!

If you saw a while ago, just before my birthday, my wonderful Mum surprised me and my sister with a trip to Disneyland Paris at the end of this year for Halloween! Something which I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember.

Since I am on a personal countdown to when we jet off to Paris, I thought I would start by making a mini-series all about planning ahead for the big trip (even if it's over half a year away). Personally, I have been to Disneyland Paris many a time now, so do have a fair bit of knowledge about what the parks have to offer, in the past I've posted two other features about our trip which I will link at the bottom of this post.

If you are new to Disney at Halloween you're in for a treat! To celebrate the season, the parks become an after-hours celebration, full of characters, fancy dress and lots of sweets. As of yet, we are unsure about what this year at the parks will entail since each year they host a new 'Spooktacular' activities. We have already booked our travel, accommodation and park tickets. Something some people weren't aware of was that if you wish to attend the parties you must book this separately once they are released to the public (something we are waiting on to be released).

So here's what we do know!

We are staying at the Disneyland Hotel, where my mum and dad spent their honeymoon, which we will be staying in for five nights over the Halloween period. Our hotel describes itself as being a take back to the Victorian Era, with high-class luxury service. But I'll be sure to do a full review of the hotel after our visit. Whilst on our visit we are planning on taking a day trip to Paris so any ideas on where to go would be a wonderful heads up!

So obviously, I couldn't just leave a post here without a spot of advice about if this is your first time booking a Disney Vacation, so here are my top tips about booking a trip to the land of the mouse.

1. Look far and wide - When looking to book up at Disney, many travel agency will have various offers on for money off or extra add-ins for what you can do whilst you are there. I would suggest that its best that you go through as many online and ring up as many local travel agents as you can before coming to a final decision on your trip. Mainly we book from Thomson (now TUI) as they have good flight times, however, the last time I went we booked through Jet and got an AMAZING beyond belief last-minute deal.

2. Timing can make all the difference - Prices for your trip will increase a lot depending on what time of year you are looking to book if you can go without going during a weekend or not during the kids holidays I would highly recommend this is when you look to go. I found a pretty spot on chart which I will link HERE the page is in French, however, the peak days for the parks are listed as red, with the less busy times in Green or Blue. Times when the parks are less busy not only keeps the price down but your wait time for rides or character meetups.

3. Book all extra shows + meals before you go - Things tend to fill up at the parks fairly quickly, this includes special events happening at the parks or even your nightly sit down meal. I would suggest downloading the Disneyland Paris app ahead of your trip to make sure you have locked down anywhere you really don't want to miss out on, just to be on the safe side.

4. If you wish to go into Paris for the day, do not book on a trip - Personally, I wouldn't be one to book the pre-planned trips into Paris, simply because - they cost a bloody bomb to book. On the outskirts of Downtown Disney, there is a national train service that runs from the parks into the city. I recall it was around €7.50 to get into the city center the last time I was in the station, I am unsure if these have since changed, but it will save you a lot of cash simply doing things your own way if you have the time to research which city sights you would want to go visit.

5. If you head out at the right time of year, yes Disney have a sale - I'm not talking about a pre-book money off your holiday sale, I mean like a souvenir, fill up your suitcase with cuddly toys sale. Last summer, I managed to get my hands on a whole bunch of Christmas tree decorations and Cuddly Toy Princesses all for €1 each... that is no lie. There was plenty to choose from almost as good as a good old Black Friday rummage through stuff ill cherish for the rest of my life. I am guessing at what time of year which we visited Disney, that these sales fall at the same time as other mid-season deals, so you'll have to check up on that one.

6. Book park tickets before you go - If you were not aware, with some of the hotels which you stay at, you have to book and pay for your park tickets separately. If you are unsure you should confirm this information with your agent, and if you are looking for where you should book your tickets from I would recommend Attraction Tickets, as they seem to have constant new deals which either will get you some extra money to spend in the parks, or a bundle on how many days you'll get.

7. TAKE SNACKS - Seriously, this tip I couldn't recommend to you more. Park food, although lovely, can come as a major strain on your bank balance. I would personally recommend that you fill your suitcase with breakfast bars, crisps and other small snacks which will keep you full between meals whilst walking around the parks. Especially if you're queuing for a ride when the waits can sometimes push over an hour long during the peak seasons.

8. Purchase a small bag or bum bag - Since obviously, you'll need the Bare Necessities (see what I did there) to take into the parks with you, but you'll not be wanting a large backpack to lug around with you for the day. The best decision you'll be making is to take along with you a smaller side back so you can fit in a small number of items, park tickets etc. Yet you won't be having to stop because it's too heavy to carry around. We worked it round in a group, having a small bum bag between four of us, taking turns to carry it every hour.

9. Which hotel offers the best value for money? - Now this would be a very personally decision, each of the hotels both in and out of the parks offer various offers for what ever hoilday type you are looking for. If you are on a strick budget, then have a look on the out of property hotels including the Kyriad, Dream Castle and Magic Circus. All of these hotels dont have that extra spark of Disney magic, but you wont miss out on that whilst in the parks. Where as for a higher price you can enjoy having that magic both in the hotels and extra magic hours within the parks, yet this can add a couple more hundred pounds onto your holiday, so the choice is totally up to you.

There we go! That's a list of all the top tips I would give to anyone who is going to Disney or wanting to book a holiday there in the near future. But, if you want to know anything more about our adventure or have any questions, please do get in touch in the comment sections below or via my social media accounts.

So thank you so much for reading,

Elle Kate X

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