Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Boiler-suit Brilliance | ELLEKATE

Morning guys!

Today we are talking about a fairly old trend now as far as trends go, and we are talking about Boiler-suits. I have been following items which relate to this trend for a while on many fast fashion pages especially just getting an idea of what's really cracking with this style. However, as much as I personally loved it, I could never find a one which was well flattering for my figure. If you didn't also know I currently work in Urban Outfitters, and we got a delivery of these silky dreams in just over a month ago and I. AM. OBSESSED.

Here it is, my amazing more silky styled boiler-suit and of course I got mine in black (shock). Currently this normally gets worn with this Topshop oversized denim jacket which has been cut into a crop and my platform converse. However, the best thing about these guys is you can seriously dress them up or dress them down, if I was to wear mine a bit more formal. I would have gone with a tailor styled jacket wether that be a blazer or an actual suit jacket (especially the leather ones which have been sold out every time I check on asos) and some heeled boots.

As for the old accessories on this one, I have been really playing around with how I style my hair, this is a new classic wearing it in a half up half down do. I am loving this bow scrunchies which is also from Urban and so are my earrings for anyone who was wondering. I didn't know if the mix of prints with the tortoise shell and the leopard would work, but hey I mean it looks good to me on this occasion, probably down to the colours.

Bit of a different post there for you all today, what's your favourite trend at the moment? let me know in the comment section below, and I'll catch you all later!


Photos by Katie Meehan

Elle x

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Topshop Beauty Re-Launch! | ELLEKATE


Welcome back to the blog, today I am talking all about Topshop Beauty! The guys and gals from Topshop were kind enough to gift the following products, however, all thoughts are my own... we like honesty here at ElleKate. If you weren't aware they recently completely rebranded themselves with a whole re-lauch of the range, PLUS all products are now cruelty free wahooooo.

So how’s about we get straight on into it. We have a full ass range of products to discuss so I’ve been thinking just how on Earth I would manage to fit it all into just one post, so I’ve decided to talk about my top five products out of the range of things I have tried!

1. Concealer
Number ONE. Out of the products has to go to my favourite, and no joke I think I have a wee obsession with this one. I don’t know what magic has been worked on this product in particular and I know a load of people online agree with me on this one... the blend on this is super creamy and it’s easy to blend into all the foundations I have personally tried it with. But, the product also lasts on my face a hella long time, top trumps to this guy!

2. Glow Pot
If you are wanting a product to help give you a pop of shimmer then the glow pots are for you! They offer a great shine, and are pretty darn easy to apply. They come in a cream form in a pot, which isn’t the biggest, however, a little goes a long way! Normally I find with cream based highlights that they will lift the base of what I am wearing underneath completely, so far I’ve not had this issue at all. I’d recommend using it onto the highest point of your cheek bones or even on the base of your eye lid!

3. Gloss
Fancy a bit of a unique look? Well I personally have never been much of a lippy kinda gal! My soul intentions of getting this product in particular was to use it on top of my shadow for a glossy lid, and I’m so glad I branched out of my comfort zone to try it because it looks so unique but still stylish. The gloss itself also works amazing for it actual lip use as well, of course! So I should really try using a glossy lip sometime soon? What do you think, let me know in the comments below!

4. Embon Eyeshadow
This may sound like a silly think to say, but I struggle to be satisfied with what shades of brow I use in my looks... yes silly I know but, I am a perfectionist so even a slight shade will change a whole look and I’ve been blending this “Ebon” shade into my corners for the past few weeks now and I’m totally in love. Pigmentation is also incredible let me tell you that ladies and gents, helps a lot.

5. Sparkle Mist
90s glitter sprays were a highlight of my childhood and having them back has filled my heart with joy! Spraying this as a body shimmer on my arms as a going out look is so nostalgic, I love the effect it gives - plus with this product in particular they have crammed this bottle with plenty of glitter to last me till the summer months where I intend to have this stuff EVERYWHERE!

Fancy 20% off? Use the code in the check out NEW20 until the 28th of Feb to get the extra money off your purchase! Click here to go to the website.

What did you guys think of today’s post? Will you be trying out any of the Topshop range for yourself? Let me know in the comments section. Until next time 😘

Elle x

Thursday, 24 January 2019


Happy 2019!

Hope you all had the best Christmas & New Years. Cause, I spent mine working -mainly- BUT still had a wonderful time chilling with my family and friends. So, you can probably tell from the title of this post about what I am going to talk about, however, let me just give a little disclaimer.

Your girl is well aware that I have been very much spoilt this festive season, this post is not at ALL a case of me bragging about what I received, I'd be lucky no matter what I recieved but I wanted to just share that with all y'all!

....I am a Gucci mama. Yes, my amazing man bought me my dream handbag. About 4 months ago, we took a trip to Dublin and whilst in a department store out there I seen the bag in one of the shop displays, asking the girl if I may hold it which she did and I think I was close to tears the whole way back to the hotel from being so close. So, afternoon on Christmas Day I went over to pick him up and  he presented me the bag which led to me not even opening the darn thing but instead crying in Dan's arms for a solid five minutes before I could look. I knew straight away.

But this is she, a 'Gucci Dionysus GG Velvet Super Mini Bag' basically the worlds most extra purse. For the first week I had the bag on me every single day until the thought of having a Gucci actually sunk in, but now she's been held for special occasions 'aka any day I get off work' only.

I can't wait to style her in outfit posts which is something I have been pre planning for the rest of 2019, I was also spoilt with some UNREAL earrings off my little sister and her boyfriend which are my new favourite and some beauty stuff from my amazing mama.

As much as I would love to ramble on I am leaving my first post back as short and sweet. Hope you have a great end to your week and I’ll catch you all very soon!

Elle x

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Disneyland Paris Halloween | ELLETRAVELS


Hello, yes, it's me... after a long break I thought that Disney would be the perfect time to put an end to this long overdue 'break' as I shall from now on shall be called. At some time, I will get around to a what I have been up to post, but I won't lie to you all it mainly involves me working my bum off and trying to be an active member to the 9 till 5 society.

So if you follow me on social media, if you don't the links to my pages are at the side of this post, then you'll know all about my recent trip to Disneyland Paris.

I've been thinking all week long, how do I write about this trip. Do I recommend places to stay? Do I talk about the party and where to go? But, I think I'm just going to talk about the amazing time I got to spend with my family and go into the 'where's best' in a later post.

Our whole trip was five days of well overdue family time. The first day involved travelling, which wasn't too bad, having both my sister and mother petrified of flying stuck on either side of me was a rather enjoyable giggle by the end of the takeoff and landing. But after an hour-long flight and 45-minute drive, we were at our resort, the pink palace itself the Disneyland Hotel.

Celebrating my own 21st, my mum's 50th and my younger sister 18th all being this year. My mum had splashed the cash well and truly with a stay in this amazing hotel her and my dad had their Honeymoon 24 years ago (I think that's how long it's been). We checked in and made our way down the big hallway facing the park to our room, kindly upgraded to a Peter Pan-esk room, with big bay window and plenty of the luxurious room as space to chill in before we headed into the park, hot chocolates in hand to watch the fireworks. Now, I don't know about anyone else, but the fireworks instantly reduce me to tears, the lights and music sends me into a trance and being the cold brisk night it was, five minutes following the display had finished myself and Romy had the park to sit and have a mini photoshoot down Main Street USA.

I won't bore you with a day-by-day itinerary of what we did, but our main reason for the visit had the be the Mickey Mouse Halloween Party, something I've wanted to do since I was a wee lassie. I will say this as my only default to the night, it's not all about the children, its dark, packed and not everyone was sober. However, me, my mum and my sister were living for the whole experience! We had a dance party with Buzz Lightyear, Got to ride Big Thunder Mountain after midnight, Eat sweet treats and enjoy the atmosphere - oh and a DJ set from Don Diablo! Who expected that?

I will eventually get around to writing up some separate segments about our adventure which could help you with booking yours. Until then, enjoy these images which we took. I had the best rest with my wonderful family, and honestly as I'm sat here right now having Dan force me to give him a back massage I SERIOUSLY wish I was back in the Magic Kingdom.

Until next time Disney x




Monday, 16 July 2018

Revolucion De Cuba | Newcastle Blogger Event | ELLEKATE

Happy Monday Everyone,

Hope that you have all been having a brilliant week, Up in Newcastle, the sun has been shinning for the past two weeks and I have been living for it! Today, I have a review from a restaurant event myself and Dan went to on Sunday just gone and I have nothing but praise for the experience which we had.

If you are a local to Newcastle and remember a little well-known bar called Destiny... well you're going to be in shock (a GOOD one) over how much it has been changed by the new owners. Revolucion De Cuba recently opened its doors as a tapas/restaurant and late night bar, if you know me, you know your girl loves a nice late chill bar. On Sunday, we got invited along to the blogger event so after reading up so much about it I couldn't wait to go, bringing Dan along for his first ever event.

We began sitting in the restaurant area, listing to some live Latin music and drinking pineapple daiquiri at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon. Not the worst way to spend the day. Afterward, we met with Chloe the wonderful lady behind planning the whole event and she gave us a full tour of the place. Including the downstairs which would be ideal for catching up with friends any time of the year, fun fact, this area was where destiny was back in the day and you can still see how it all use to fit together minus the sticky carpets.

Following seeing the downstairs area we went back upstairs to the very top floor, which happens to be a rooftop bar looking over the city. DREAM. Up here we got the full-on five-star treatment, no joke. We were greeted with yet more cocktails and a nice chill whilst we waited for them to set up the bar area, once they were ready we got a cocktail class, beating each other at making mojitos and getting to make a drink of our own choice. At this point, I swear I was already seeing stars haha.

After our mini cocktail making session we returned back to our little sitting area for a nice relax in the sunshine with our own made creations. Before we knew it a whole host of food was spread across the table for us to all enjoy, despite the lack of vegetarian options, the ones we did have which were a mushroom dish as far as I recall which I will try and find the name of, was absolutely sublime! Dan also mentioned that if you aren’t a vegetarian and love a bit of chicken that the curry was not to go amiss without trying!

If we didn’t think all of this luxury was enough for one afternoon, they brought us all a “small” gift before departing... a big ass bottle of Bacardi in a wooden box full of things we can use to create our own old-fashioned cocktails at home. Like if that’s a small... then I’m SHOOK!

We left and I haven’t stopped praising the place to everyone since and we plan on returning very soon!

Have you been to try out Revolucion De Cuba? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below, prepare for far too many photos...

Elle xx